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Parent’s Pledge for Support of State Higher Education

Resolution in Support of the Humboldt State University

Parent’s Pledge for Support of State Higher Education

Approved: October 8, 2007

Whereas,      Associated Students (HSUAS) mission is to “provide a means for responsible and effective participation in the governance of the campus; provide an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed; foster awareness of these opinions both on and off campus; assist in the protection of the rights and interests of the individual student and the student body;… and to stimulate the educational, social, physical and cultural well-being of the University community;” and


Whereas,      the Parent’s Pledge establishes that both Humboldt State University (HSU) students and parents of HSU students are official stakeholders and investors in higher education both here in Humboldt County and statewide; and

Whereas,      the level of financial and political investment of parents of HSU students grants them both the right and responsibility to be informed and take action in regards to the quality, sustainability, accessibility, and affordability of their students education; and

Whereas       the HSU Parent Pledge increases parental activism on campus and higher education issues through the use of but not limited to, an information pamphlet a membership card and a list-serve; therefore be it;

Resolved,      that HSUAS supports the Humboldt State University Parent’s Pledge to ensure a quality education for their student and all students in the California State University System, and let it be further

Resolved,      that HSUAS will maintain an active HSU Concerned Parents list serve to actively inform participating parents about events affecting the quality and accessibility of their students’ education and the actions they can take to ensure a positive outcome; and let it be finally

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution be sent to the following parties: Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Steven Butler; Interim Provost, Dr. Robert Snyder; President Rollin Richmond; the HSU Academic Senate; and the Lumberjack and other local media.

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