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Resolution in Opposition of the Proposed IRA Fee Increase

RESOLUTION No.  2008-09-10

AUTHORED BY:    Zachary Beshore, Residence Hall Association Representative

SIGNED BY:        Zachary Beshore, Residence Hall Association Representative
                        Morrissa Hudson, Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Representative

                        ACTION SCHEDULED: 5-04-09
                        ACTION APPROVED: 5-04-09
SUBJECT:            Resolution in Opposition of the Proposed IRA Fee Increase

1.)              WHEREAS,  The Associated Students (AS) serves as the official voice of the students at Humboldt State University (HSU); and,

2.)              WHEREAS,  The Associated Students mission is to “provide a means for responsible and effective participation in the governance of the campus; foster awareness of these opinions with the students of HSU; assist in the protection of the rights and interests of the individual student and the student body…and to stimulate the educational, social, physical and cultural well-being of the University community;”; and,

3.)              WHEREAS,  Humboldt State University Associated Students believe in the democratic voice of the students and the rights of students to be aware and involved in issues that affect their education; and,                   

4.)              WHEREAS,    Executive Order (EO) 1034, the California State University Student Fee Policy, Section B-1 says “that appropriate and meaningful consultation includes consultation with bodies such as the campus faculty senate, the campus student body association and other constituencies affected by the proposed increase in an existing fee or establishment of a new fee”; and,

5.)              WHEREAS,  Section B-2 goes on to say, “The policy presumes that a student fee referendum will be conducted before adjusting or establishing category II fees.” and,

6.)              WHEREAS,  Section B-3 states, “If a referendum is not conducted prior to adjusting Category II fees or requesting the chancellor to establish a new Category II fee, the president must demonstrate to the fee advisory committee the reasons why the alternative consultation methods selected will be more effective in complying with this policy”; and

7.)              WHEREAS,  The Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) fee increase being proposed will not be governed, allocated, or administrated by the IRA Committee; and,

8.)              WHEREAS,  The Academic Senate, AS and the IRA Committee were not consulted about this fee request increase and Associated Students believes this to be a in violation of EO 1034 designed to protect the students and provide administrative transparency; and,

9.)              WHEREAS,  The proposed fee has not gone though the student referendum process and no alternative consultation methods have been employed; and,

10.)            WHEREAS,  The proposed fee increase is an increase from $259 to $274 with an additional increase each year based on the Higher Education Pricing Index +2% generating approximately 80,000 dollars from students for the 2009/2010 year; therefore be it,

11.)            RESOLVED,  that Humboldt State Associated Students urges that a student fee referendum be called in the fall of 2009 prior to any fee increases; and be it further,

12.)            RESOLVED,  that the Student Fee Advisory Committee not approve this fee increase until a student fee referendum can be called; and be it further,

13.)            RESOLVED,  that the campus governmental bodies such as HSUAS and Academic Senate and the IRA Committee be consulted about this proposal prior to fee increases; and be it finally,

14.)            RESOLVED,  that this resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to: Academic Senate; Student Fee Advisory Committee; IRA Committee; California State Student Association; California State University Chancellor, Dr. Charles Reed; HSU President, Dr. Rollin Richmond; Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Steven Butler; Associate Vice President of Business Services, Carol Terry; HSU Athletics Director, Dan Collen and all local and state media outlets;

** Original Signatures are on file in the Associated Students Business Office.