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Resolution in Opposition to Student-Fee Increases



WHEREAS:    Governor Davis has recommended a $59.6 million dollar reduction

                from the California State University (CSU) Budget; and

WHEREAS:    The CSU Chancellor’s Office has recommended to the CSU Board

                  of Trustees that state university fees be increased by a minimum 10%

                  for undergraduate students and a minimum of 15% for graduate

                  students for Spring 2003; and

WHEREAS:    The current CSU Board of Trustees is considering the recommended

                  increase, which it previously committed to opposing, during special

                  session on Monday, December 16, 2002; and

WHEREAS:    Governor Davis has stated, “And I know that every time we raise

                  fees, we freeze our students, we deny them the opportunity for

                  an unparalleled education” (October 25, 2002); and

WHEREAS:    A fee increase will increase barriers to education, a point of

                paramount importance in the CSU mission (“To encourage and

                provide access to an excellent education to all who are prepared

                for and wish to participate in college study”); and

WHEREAS:    Humboldt State University students will have already paid their

                Spring 2003 fees and will then be retroactively billed an additional

                $72 dollars for undergraduates and $114 for graduate students; and

WHEREAS:  The impact of retroactive billing will cause additional strain on the

                University’s already limited resources and will be costly as well; and

WHEREAS:    61% of the HSU student population receives financial aid, an

                increase in the State University Fee will tax the students’ already

                limited financial resources; and

WHEREAS:  An increase in State University Fees will decrease the diversity

                of HSU student population; therefore be it

RESOLVED:  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University oppose

                the proposed State University Fee increase for Spring 2003; and

                therefore be it further

RESOLVED:  That the Associated Students encourages HSU students to lobby

                against the fee increase via communication with legislators and

                the CSU Board of Trustees; and therefore be it

RESOLVED:  That copies of this resolution be sent, but not limited to

                HSU President Rollin Richmond, HSU Academic Senate,

                California State Student Association, the CSU Board of Trustees,

                and CSU Chancellor Charles Reed.

Adopted from Sonoma State University ASI Board of Directors Resolution of 12/02.

Submitted by:  David Risenfeld

Original signatures on file at the Associated Students’ Office.