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Resolution in Support for The Energy Action Coalition

RESOLUTION No. 2008-09-02

AUTHORED BY:    Jocelyn Orr, Student-at-large

SIGNED BY:        Ten Students-at-large (signatures on file)

                        ACTION SCHEDULED: 9-8-08
                        ACTION APPROVED: 9-8-08

Subject:                Resolution in Support of The Energy Action Coalition’s Power Vote 2008 Campaign
1.)                WHEREAS,  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University (HSU) have been entrusted to represent and fight in the best interests of our constituents, the students which make up our campus community; and

2.)                WHEREAS,  It is in the mission of the Associated Students to educate students on those issues that impact them, and advocate for the student perspective to the ‘appropriate parties,’ which include the university administration, the local community, and the State of California; and,

3.)              WHEREAS,    Bold action is needed from the federal, state, and local government to address the climate crisis; and,

4.)                WHEREAS,  Young people are actively leading the way toward clean, just energy solutions by rallying behind a unified and powerful set of demands; and,

5.)                WHEREAS,    A million young people will sign the pledge for the creation of green jobs now, invest in a clean energy economy, cut global warming pollution now, end our dependence on dirty energy, take dirty money out of politics and re-engage the United States as a leader in the international community and hold their elected officials accountable to the aforementioned goals; and,

6.)                WHEREAS,    Students at HSU are engaged in the Power Vote campaign and have adopted a bold pledge and platform; therefore be it,

7.)                RESOLVED,    The Associated Students of HSU fully support any and all efforts by Power Vote to advocate for the young people’s involvement in politics; and be it further,

8.)                RESOLVED,    The Associated Students of HSU wish to provide the means for our students to be fully represented in the 2008 Election; and be it further,

9.)                RESOLVED,    The Associated Students of HSU endorse the language, policy and spirit of the Power Vote youth climate pledge, and be it finally,

10.)              RESOLVED,    This resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to: CSU Chancellor Reed, all members of the Board of Trustees; HSU President, Rollin Richmond; Vice President of Student Affairs, Steven Butler; Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Robert Snyder; the Academic Senate; all local and state media outlets; and all CSU Associated Students.

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Sofia Pereira                                                   Beth Weissbart
Associated Students President                         Associated Students Vice Chair