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Resolution in Support of Prop 1D

Resolution in Support of Prop 1D

Approved October 23rd, 2006

Whereas,      The Associated Students is the official voice of the students of Humboldt                               State University (HSU); and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D:  Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities                             Bond Act of 2006 is an investment in our schools, our children and the                               future of California; and

Whereas,      Providing a quality institution for students is a priority; and

Whereas,      One of the best ways to help our economy and create good-paying                                     jobs is to create world-class public schools that have adequate educational                           facilities and that give our students the skills they need to succeed in the                           workforce; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D provides over $7 billion for K-12 grades and an additional                             $3 billion for higher education; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D allocates funds to retrofit and upgrade our University to                                 ensure it can withstand the impact of natural disasters like earthquakes;                          and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D also includes funding for finishing the Behavioral and                             Social         Sciences building and the Physical Education Complex which will                               provide classrooms for future students of HSU; and

Whereas,      more than 60% of our buildings on campus are 30 years of age or older                                 and require major repairs; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D will fund 15.4% of HSU capital need for the next five                           years (2006/07-2010/11); and

Whereas,      for every dollar California invests to get students in and through college,                                the state’s economy receives $3 net return on that investment; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D provides accountability to ensure funds are allocated                             properly which include being subjected to independent audits and that                           misuse of Prop 1d funds is a crime, punishable by time in jail; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1D is vital to California’s future that both candidates for                             Governor, as well as bipartisan majority of legislature, support the                                 measure; and

Whereas,      Proposition 1d is also supported by the California State Student                                         Association (CSSA), the academic senate CSU and HSU, and the Board of                   Trustees; therefore be it

Resolved,      Associated Students of HSU pledge their support for Proposition 1D;                          therefore be it       further

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution shall be sent to but not limited to: President                                 Rollin Richmond, Provost Richard Vrem, University Announcements, the                               local and campus media, all campus clubs, all A.S. programs, the                                         Academic Senate HSU, and California Faculty Association.

Authored by: Amrit Dhadli, California State Student Association

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Tara Holloway, Representative                     Sarah Wood

College of Natural Resources and Sciences         College of Natural Resources and Sciences