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Approved 10/25/04

Whereas,      California’s Three Strikes Law currently fails to set reasonable parameters

for what qualifies as a second and third strike; and

Whereas,      65% of inmates serving second and third strike sentences were convicted

of non-violent, non-serious offenses, some serving life sentences for

burglary of unoccupied homes, recreational drug use, and shoplifting; and

Whereas,      The discretion currently given to prosecutors to seek second and third

strikes on non-violent offenses results in arbitrary and unjust sentences;


Whereas,      The three strikes law is applied disproportionately to communities of color

and poverty.  Currently, 71% of three strikers are African American or

Latino.  Caucasian offenders are far less likely to receive strikes for both

non-violent and violent crimes; and

Whereas,      The three strikes law supports the rapidly growing Prison Industrial

Complex in the State of California, and

Whereas,      California has been dealing with severe budget deficits resulting in over

                3/4 billion dollars being reduced from the CSU General Fund allocation

                over the past three years; and

Whereas,      Our State spends 5.6 billion dollars annually on incarceration and only

4.3 billion on higher education; and

Whereas,      CSU students have suffered fee increases, while the prison industry has

                seen their budgets increase; and

Whereas,      Proposition 66 “Limitation on “Three Strikes Law” Sex Crimes

Punishment Initiative Statute”, seeks to require that increased sentences

under the three strikes law only apply in the case of violent and serious felonies, and

Whereas,      Proposition 66 redefines violent and serious felonies for the purpose of the

three strikes statute so that only the most violent and heinous crimes are

considered for strikes; and

Whereas,      Proposition 66 ensures the safety of our communities by increasing the

                mandatory sentences for child molestation; and

Whereas,      Preliminary fiscal analysis has revealed Proposition 66 will generate

hundreds of millions of dollars annually in savings to the State of

California, and

Whereas,      These savings could be funneled into higher education and college

preparation programs; therefore be it

Resolved,      That The Associated Students formally endorse Proposition 66 and it will

hereby incorporate education on Proposition 66 and the Prison Industrial

Complex into our Get Out The Vote efforts; therefore be it further

Resolved,      That copies of this Resolution be sent, but not limited to HSU President

Rollin Richmond, the HSU Academic Senate, the California State

Student Association, the Lumberjack Newspaper, and the local media.

Authored by:

Manuel Fonseca, Representative

California State Student Association

Approved by:

Kyle Zeck,

A.S. Legislative Vice President

Samantha Williams-Gray

A.S. President