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Resolution in Support of the 2007 Leadership Conference



Adopted February 5th, 2007

Whereas,      The purpose of the Humboldt State University 2007 Leadership Conference,                  “Ignite: Lighting the Passion Within,” is to host a meeting of current and future                 leaders both locally and abroad in a quest to educate and build personal skills and         awareness of Social and Environmental Responsibility and;

Whereas,      the Associated Students of Humboldt State University are in support of the 2007                     Leadership Conference in association with the Graduation Pledge Alliance (GPA)            and;

Whereas,      the GPA was founded at Humboldt State University in 1987 by students and is to             this day a student-led, Associated Students program and;

Whereas,      the Graduate Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility has since been                       spread around the world and;

Whereas,      it is stated in the University’s Strategic Plan that, “We believe that individuals                       must be environmentally, economically and socially responsible in the quest for                       viable and sustainable communities,” and;

Whereas,      the international GPA organization requests our assistance in supporting the                   further development of campus pledge programs around the world and;

Whereas,      the 2007 Leadership Conference will be celebrating 20 years of graduation                   pledges taken around the world and will draw members of the global community             including pledged and non-pledged graduates, students, staff and faculty bringing             greater prestige to Humboldt State University, therefore be it;

Resolved,      Associated Students will show their support by reviewing a special line                               item in GPA’s budget for 2007-08 in consideration of the conference, committing             toward conference publicity on the campus of Humboldt State University,                sponsoring Associated Student council and executive members in conference                     attendance, leading and/or organizing one, or more, workshops at the conference             and inviting ASI’s from the California State University system, and be it further;

Resolved,      that Associated Students support the 2007 Leadership Conference and be it                   finally,

Resolved,      that this document will be forwarded to President Rollin Richmond, and his                   executive committee: Richard C. Vrem Provost/Vice President for Academic                   Affairs; Steven Butler; Vice President for Student Affairs; Carl Coffey, Vice                 President for Administrative Affairs; Robert Gunsalus, Vice President for                     University Advancement; Saeed Mortazavi, Chair, Academic Senate; and in                   addition: Carol Terry, University Budget, Associate Vice President; Jená Burgess,            Vice-Provost; office of Extended Education; and the international GPA                             organization Executive Committee.

Authored by: Brandon Hemenway, Johnathan Wu, and Noelle Perlmutter

Signed by: _____________________________

            Saqib Keval, Representative

            College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


            Tyler Smith, Representative

            College of Natural Resources and Sciences