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Resolution in Support of the Drinking and Utilization of Local Water and the Phasing Out of the Sale

RESOLUTION No.  2008-09-09

AUTHORED BY:    Natalynne DeLapp, Student at Large

SIGNED BY:        Rachel Cooke, Natural Resources and Sciences Representative
                        Kale Roberts, Natural Resources and Sciences Representative
                        NightSnow Vogt, All University Representative

                        ACTION SCHEDULED: 4-27-09
                        ACTION APPROVED: 4-27-09
SUBJECT:            Resolution in Support of the Drinking and Utilization of Local Water and the Phasing Out of the Sale of Single- Use Water Bottles at Humboldt State University

1.)              WHEREAS,  The Mission Statement of the Associated Students of Humboldt State University states that they “[shall be] an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed; foster awareness of these opinions both on and off campus; provide services and programs as deemed necessary by the corporation to meet the needs of the student and campus community; and to stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the University community;” and
2.)              WHEREAS,  Humboldt State and the Associated Students has had a long history of advocating environmental and sustainable responsibility; and

3.)              WHEREAS,  The HSU Strategic Plan states that its vision for the future is to “provide a socially and environmentally responsible education;” and,         

4.)              WHEREAS,    HSU has repeatedly stated its commitment to a sustainable campus and the reduction, reuse, and recycling of natural resource-based products; and

5.)              WHEREAS,  HSU consumes more than 78,000 single-use water bottles per year; and,
6.)              WHEREAS,  the production, transportation, storage and disposal of bottled water to meet HSU bottled water demand requires approximately 43 barrels of oil per academic year; HSU contributed approximately 35,300 pounds of CO2 being released into the atmosphere; and,

7.)              WHEREAS, the City of Arcata found that the Arcata water system, through Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District’s Mad River, is sustainable and environmentally beneficial (fish friendly and nearly carbon neutral); situated in the upper watershed where salmon naturally cannot reach, Arcata’s drinking water is released from Ruth reservoir via gravity, produces emission-free electricity; as the water flows over 75 miles downriver, it supports riparian and aquatic habitats and threatened populations of salmon and steelhead; upon reaching the Essex Narrows, water percolates through the gravel bed forming aquifer where it is pumped from nearly a hundred feet below the surface up to a ridge for disinfection, and again via gravity, flows onward to the City’s distribution system; and

8.)              WHEREAS,  Universities and colleges around the country including Chico State, UC Berkeley, Sarah Lawrence, Vassar, Smith College, Washington University, Oregon State and many others have already made efforts as a campus to curb their bottled water use; therefore, be it
9.)              RESOLVED, that Associated Students will strongly discourage the use of AS funds to purchase single-serving bottles of water, be it further

10.)            RESOLVED, that the Associated Students will encourage the utilization of refillable containers at its facilities and functions, be it further

11.)            RESOLVED, that Associated Students will support efforts to educate the public regarding the value and benefits of using Arcata’s unique water system for all its water needs, be it further
12.)            RESOLVED, that Associated Students will support the phasing-out of the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on campus, be it finally

13.)            RESOLVED, that this resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to: HSU President, Rollin Richmond; Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Steven Butler; Director of Dining Services, Ron Rudebock; the University Center Board of Directors; all CSU Associated Students; the Arcata City Council; Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District; the Food and Water Watch; and all local and state media outlets.

** Original signatures are on file in the Associated Students Business Office.