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Resolution No. 2009-10-6: Resolution in Recognition of Veterans as a Cultural Community on Campus, a

RESOLUTION No.  2009-10-6

AUTHORED BY:    Jenn Fusaro, Student-at-Large

Travis Holt, Student-at-Large

Brenna Toel, Student-at-Large

SIGNED BY:        Ten Students-at-Large



SUBJECT:            Resolution in Recognition of Veterans as a Cultural Community on Campus, and in Support of Efforts to Raise Awareness of Veteran Issues, Including Designation of Veterans Awareness Week from November 8th to November 14th, 2009

1.)              WHEREAS,  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University supports and values diversity while upholding a commitment to commend and partake in acts of social justice that educate the campus and community on issues of diversity; and

2.)              WHEREAS,  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University (HSU) recognize veterans as a cultural community on campus that is susceptible to harmful negative stereotypes and that these stereotypes create barriers to a safe learning environment and the ability for service members to transition from military life to civilian and/or student life; and

3.)              WHEREAS,  The Associated Students recognize that military members and veterans return home to every community, including our own, and that it is the responsibility of all communities to assist in meeting the needs of returning service members; and

4.)              WHEREAS,  the advent of the all-volunteer Armed Forces has resulted in a sharp decline in the number of individuals and families who have had any personal connection with the Armed Forces;

5.)              WHEREAS,  this reduction in familiarity with the Armed Forces has resulted in a marked decrease in the awareness by young people of the nature and importance of the accomplishments of those who have served in the Armed Forces, despite the current educational efforts of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the veterans service organizations;

6.)              WHEREAS,  the system of civilian control of the Armed Forces makes it essential that the future leaders of the Nation understand the history of military action and the contributions and sacrifices of those who conduct such actions; and

7.)              WHEREAS,  in each of the years 2000 through 2008 the Senate has recognized the need to increase the understanding of the contributions of veterans among school-aged children by approving a resolution recognizing the week containing Veterans Day as ‘National Veterans Awareness Week’: Now, therefore, be it

8.)                RESOLVED,    The Associated Students designate the week of November 8 through November 14, 2009, as campus ‘Veterans Awareness Week’ for the purpose of emphasizing educational efforts directed at University students concerning the contributions and sacrifices of veterans; and be it further

9.)            RESOLVED,    The Associated Students support efforts to recognize Veterans, Service members, and military families as a cultural community on campus, including encouraging students, faculty, and staff of Humboldt State University to observe Veterans Awareness Week and attend activities on campus and in the community.

10.)            RESOLVED,    The Associated Students call upon the HSU campus community to take action to ensure that the HSU campus is a safe and friendly learning environment for veterans and the service member community; and be it further

11.)            RESOLVED,    This resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to: CSU Chancellor Charles Reed, All members of the CSU Board of Trustees; HSU President Rollin Richmond; Vice President for Student Affairs, Steven Butler; Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Robert Snyder; The Academic Senate; All University Departments; all local and State media outlets; and all CSU Associated Students

* Original Signatures are on file in the Associated Students Business Office.