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Resolution Opposing Infrastructure Change in the Foyer Gallery

Resolution Opposing Infrastructure Change in the Foyer Gallery

Adopted 10/20/03

Whereas:              The Student Access Gallery, an official Associated Students

sponsored program since 1987, is committed to enhancing the campus

environment with visual art shows.  Student Access Gallery is the voice

for student artists who plan to work in the competitive field of art and

to all students who want to know more about the operations of galleries or

museums.  Student Access Gallery is a network for the sharing of

experience and information between artists and students who are interested in enhancing the campus environment, and,

Whereas:              The Student Access Gallery’s Foyer Gallery located in the Art

Complex Building 2A room 131A has been sited for an infrastructure

project for fiber optics and telecommunications, which would eliminate

an 8 x 12 foot section of the gallery space; and,

Whereas:              The planned infrastructure project would detrimentally effect

Student Access Gallery’s ability to fulfill its mission statement by

severely compromising the availability of the Foyer Gallery as an

exhibition space.  This space is the flagship gallery of this program, and

the addition of an 8 x 12 foot room would remove a significant amount of

wall space and 96 square feet (out of 414 total) of floor space from the

main area of the gallery; and

Whereas:              This change would render this space unusable for 3-D artwork,

including sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and any installation projects; and

Whereas:              Humboldt State University is a student centered campus, and the

lack of communication with Student Access Gallery does not follow this

ideal.  Due to this lack of communication the Student Access Gallery was

not officially informed about this project, but did confirm this

information through the Art Department on October 15th; with the proposed infrastructure project planned to begin October 29th; and,

Whereas:              The Student Access Gallery has already scheduled exhibitions,

which utilize the entire space through the end of the year.  This

infrastructure project would have an immediate and devastating impact on

the educational opportunities for art students, and compromises the

overall artistic atmosphere of Humboldt State University, and

Whereas:              Shared governance is an official policy of the California State University

                        System (CSU) and Humboldt State University including full disclosure

                        and input from the Associated Students on University issues that affect

                        students.  Therefore be it,

Resolved:              That the Associated Students and the Student Access Gallery demands

that the impending infrastructure project within the Foyer Gallery be

immediately halted; be it further

Resolved:              That the Associated Students and the Student Access Gallery recommends

that an alternative space be located for the storage of the fiber-optics

telecommunications network; be it further

Resolved:              In the future, any projects with detrimental effects to students or student

                        programming be communicated with the Associated Students in a timely

                        manner; be it further

Resolved:              That copies of this resolution will be sent to, but not limited

to, Rollin Richmond, President, Richard Vrem, the Academic Provost, Steven Butler, Vice President of Student Affairs, Carl Coffey, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Bob Shultz, Director of Physical Services, Steve Haag, Infrastructure Project Manager, the HSU Academic Senate, the California State Student Association, the Lumberjack and the local media.

Authored by:  Cyrus Smith and Laurie Naber

______________________________________         ____________________________________

        Laurie Naber, Representative                           Liz Miller, Representative                    

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences                     All University

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              Kelley Kiesling                                       Gretchen Kinney

          Legislative Vice President                                   President

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