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Resolution supporting a CSU Sustainability Policy


Adopted 9/22/03

Whereas,      the Associated Students (AS) is the official voice of the students of Humboldt State University; and,

Whereas,      Humboldt State University has a long history of advocating environmental and sustainable responsibility; and,

Whereas,      the Humboldt State University’s Strategic Plan states its vision for the future is to “provide a socially and environmentally responsible education”; and,

Whereas,      Humboldt State University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges as being “environmentally and socially responsible”; and,

Whereas,      the current budget climate in California has a strong connection to the state’s recent energy crisis; and,

Whereas,      the Associated Students General Election of 2003 saw students pass a

                ballot initiate regarding HSU Green Building by an overwhelming majority of 91%; and,

Whereas,      the US Green Building council developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System as a voluntary, consensus-based, market-drive building rating system based on existing technology that evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective; and,

Whereas,      LEED Silver-rated buildings cost no more than non-LEED buildings when the appropriate design concepts, technologies, and materials are incorporated at the beginning of the design process; and,

Whereas,      one year ago, the University of California (UC) used no clean energy and had no standards for green buildings, yet the UC Board of Regents passed a sustainability policy in July 2003 committing the installation of 10 megawatts (equivalent to power used by 5,000 homes) of renewable energy across the 10 campuses, the purchase of 10% of the university’s utility purchased energy from clean energy sources immediately and ramping up to 20% by 2017, and the reduction of systemwide energy use to 10% below 2000 levels by 2017, with a commitment to build all future UC construction projects to LEED equivalent standards; and,

Whereas,      the CSU is the largest system of public Higher Education in the world and is a driving force in every sector of the California economy, exerting a tremendous influence over environmental, economic, and social policies; and,

Whereas,      it is the duty of the CSU Board of Trustees to work with students, staff, faculty and administration within the CSU system to address the pressing issues facing our state, nation, and world by directing our environmental, economic and social policies into a responsible strategy that ensures the well-being of current and future generations; and,

Whereas,      the CSU Chancellor’s Office has already begun to call together a committee on environmental standards for all CSU buildings: therefore, be it

Resolved,      The Associated Students of Humboldt State University officially call upon the CSU Board of Trustees to adopt a policy that all new and renovated buildings at CSU campuses be designed and built to a LEED Silver rating or higher (without binding the CSU to actually pursue LEED certifications); and be it further

Resolved,      that The Associated Students of Humboldt State University officially call upon the HSU Administration to design and construct the Behavioral and

                Social Sciences Building to a LEED Silver rating or higher.

Resolved,      that the CSU Board of Trustees direct that 50 percent or more of the system’s energy be derived from clean, renewable sources, with at least 25 percent generated onsite by solar, wind, fuel cell, and or other clean, renewable sources; and be it further

Resolved,      that copies of this Resolution be sent, but not limited to, Board of Trustees Chair Debra S. Farar, CSU Chancellor Charles Reed, HSU President Rollin Richmond, HSU Vice-President of Administrative Affairs, HSU Director of Physical Services Bob Schulz, the HSU Academic Senate, the California State Student Association, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, the HSU Lumberjack, and the local media.

Authored by:

Manolo Platin, HSU Representative

California State Student Association