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Resolution to in Support of Student Elections

Resolution to in Support of Student Elections

Adopted May 7th, 2007

Whereas,      the mission of Associated Students is to provide a means for responsible and effective participation in the governance of the campus, to provide an official voice through which students’ opinions may be expressed, and to assist in the protection of the rights and interests of the individual student and the student body, and


Whereas,      President Rollin Richmond has proposed a $202 increase in the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fee per semester, and

Whereas,      the Associated Students held their annual elections on April 24, 25, 26 2007

Whereas,      the Associated Students demanded that the proposed Instructionally Related Activities fee increase be brought to a student vote, that the fee was either earmarked or managed by students,

Whereas,      according to the US Census Bureau, the estimated voter turnout in California of 18-24 year olds in the 2004 election was 30-34%

Whereas,      2216 of the eligible 7146 student population, or 31% of eligible students, voted in the Associated Student Elections on 2007-2008

Whereas,      the results of the elections were as follows:


                1.      Do you support the consultative process used by the administration to                           propose a $202 I.R.A. fee increase to students instead of using a                                       referendum? 

                                                YES – 180             NO - 1814

                2.      Do you support separating the Jack Pass and the Humboldt Energy                                     Independence Fund (HEIF) fees from the proposed $202 I.R.A. fee                           increase by the administration?

                                                YES – 1361           NO - 563


                        2a.    If YES, do you support the Jack Pass?

                                                YES – 1279           NO - 420  


                3.      Do you support the $202 I.R.A. fee increase?

                                                YES – 210             NO - 1742

                4.      Do you support student fees being attached to a pricing index (Higher                           Education Price Index, Consumer Price Index, etc.)?

                                                YES – 327       NO - 1486


                5.      Do you have any additional comments on the I.R. A. fee Increase?

                        632 Individual Responses need to be analyzed

Whereas,      President Rollin Richmond refused to acknowledge the student referendum and to comply with the recommendations noted above on the Instructionally Related Activities fee increase, and therefore be it

Resolved,      as the student body’s immense voter turnout clearly states their opinion, we implore President Richmond to listen to his constituents, and be it further:

Resolved,      the Associated Students of Humboldt State University requests the President Richmond to rollback student fees; and be it finally:

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution be sent to, but not limited to the following:

                HSU President Rollin Richmond, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the CSU Board of Trustees, the Arcata City Council, Senator Mike Thompson, State Senator Pat Wiggins, Assemblywoman Patty Berg, Vice President of Administrative Affairs Carl Coffey,  Vice President of Academic Affairs Richard Vrem, Vice President of Advancement Robert Gonzales, Vice President of Student Affairs Steven Butler, the HSU Academic Senate, the California Faculty Association, The Lumberjack newspaper, and members of the local media.

Written by Colleen Roberts – AS Elections Commissioner 2007

Original student signatures are on file at the Associated Students Office.

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