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Resolution Transgender Day



Adopted 11/03/03

Whereas,  The Mission Statement of the Associated Students of Humboldt State

University states that “The Associated Students…[shall] assist in the

protection of the rights and interests of the individual student and the

student body; provide services and programs as deemed necessary by the

corporation to meet the needs of the student and campus community; and

to stimulate the educational, social physical, and cultural well-being of

the University community,” and

Whereas,  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University supports and

values diversity (which is not limited to different ethnicities and cultures,

but also includes gender and sexual orientation) and upholds a

commmitment to commend and partake in acts of social justice that

educate the community on issues of diversity, and

Whereas,  November 20th 2003 is the the Fith annual Transgender Day of

Remembrance, a day commemorated world wide to remember those that

were killed because of bias towards transgender people, and

Whereas,  Over the last decade, more than one person per month has died due to

transgender-based hate or prejudice; this trend shows no sign of abating,

and (http://www.remembering our

Whereas,  This year we remember over 20 individual killed because of anti-

transgender hatred in the USA and over 30 people worldwide, and

Whereas,  Humboldt State University has not been immune to anti-transgender

prejudice as anti-transgender hate crimes are reported to law enforcement

and recorded with the state autourney general’s office in recent years, and

Whereas,  The Transgender Day of Remembrance serves several university

community members and raises public awareness of hate crimes against

transgendered people, and

Whereas,  Compassion and respect for transgender people is promoted through a

vigil and other events and, the Day of Remembrance reminds non-

transgendered epople that transgender people are sons, daughters,

parents, friends and lovers, and

Whereas,  The Day of Remembrance gives community members a chance to step

forward with transgender people and stand in vigil, memorializing those

who have died by anti-transgender violence.  Therefore, be it

Resolved,  November 20, 2003 be the Transgender Day of Remembrance at

Humboldt State University, and be it

Resolved,  The Associated Students of Humboldt State University encourages

active participation in this event amongst our students, staff ad faculty;

participation includes attending events, workshops, trainings, movie

screenings, and/or the Day of Remembrance Vigil on November 20,

2003; be it further

Resolved,  That copies of this resolution be sent, but not limited to, HSU

President Rollin Richmond, Vice President of Student Affairs,

Steven Butler, Academic Provost Richard Vrem, HSU Department chairs,

The HSU Academic Senate, HSU’s MultiCultural Center, the California

State Student Association, the HSU Lumberjack, and the local media.

Authored by:

Anne Serene and Gretchen Kinney Newsom

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