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Support of Focus the Nation

Resolution in Support of Focus the Nation at Humboldt State University

Approved: October 8, 2007

Whereas,      the Associated Students is the official voice of the students of Humboldt State University (HSU); and


Whereas,      policy decisions made today concerning global warming will impact future generations for years to come; and

Whereas,      a lack of focus in the nation on this critical issues has led us on a path where the causes of global warming have yet to be addressed; and

Whereas       the nation wide organization known as Focus the Nation, works in conjunction with colleges, universities, and high schools across the country to increase public awareness and collaboration on critical issues; and

Whereas       A nation wide symposium is currently being organized by Focus the Nation that will bring together a nation wide coalition of students, faculty and administrators to focus their efforts on implementing solution based application to global warming; and therefore be it

Resolved,      that HSU Associated Students support the efforts of Focus the Nation in increasing awareness on the solution to global warming; and let it be further

Resolved,      that it is the responsibility of our generation to increase effective communication on this important issue at all levels of social, cultural, political and economic realms; and let it finally be

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution be sent to the following parties: all HSU College Deans, HSU President Rollin Richmond, all HSU Vice Presidents, the HSU Academic Senate, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed, CSU Board of Trustees, the Arcata City Council, House Representative Mike Thompson, State Senator Pat Wiggins, Assemblywoman Patty Berg, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Tyler Smith                                                       Ryan Guy

College of Natural Resources and Sciences                   College of Arts, Humanities, and Social

Representative                                                   Sciences

___________________________________                   ___________________________________ Jason Robo                                                         Terra Rentz

AS Legislative Vice President                           AS President