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Support of HSU Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)

Resolution In Support of Humboldt State University Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)

Whereas:          The Associated Students is the official voice of students at Humboldt State University (HSU), and

Whereas:          Executive order 987 issued by Chancellor Reed on August 2, 2006 explicitly stated, “The CSU shall develop a strategic plan for energy procurement and production to reduce energy capacity requirements from the electricity grid and to promote energy independence using available economically feasible technology (solar, wind, biomass) and for on-site generation,” and shall “actively seek all available sources of funding for implementing energy efficiency improvement and utilities infrastructure renewal projects.”; and,

Whereas:          implementation of the HEIF will allow HSU to meet and exceed the Chancellor’s own Energy Conservation Goal of reducing energy consumption by 15% by the end of the fiscal year 2009/2010, the Energy Independence Goal of increasing the self generated energy from 26 to 50 megawatts (MW) by 2014, and the Renewable Energy Procurement Goals of procuring 20% of the University’s electrical needs from renewable resources by 2010 as stated in Executive Order 987; and,

Whereas:          the official Vision Statement of HSU states that the University “will be the campus of choice for individuals who seek above all else to improve the human condition and our environment,” and that the University “will be renowned for social and environmental responsibility and action.”; and

Whereas:          the successful implementation of HEIF will enhance and support the status of Humboldt State University as a pioneer in environmental conservation, which is a leading driver of enrollment for the University ; and

Whereas:          during the 2004 Associated Students General Elections HSU students passed, with an overwhelming and unprecedented 86% majority vote the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) Fee ballot initiative, calling for a mandatory student fee which would allow students to design, fund, and implement sustainable energy projects; and

Whereas:          the current students of HSU aspire to create a university that is independent from the use of external energy, nonrenewable resources, and other energy sources that cause environmental degradation and social injustice; and therefore be it,

Resolved:          the HSU Associated Students demand that Chancellor Reed liberate HSU from the use of external energy sources by allowing it to implement the mandatory fee, approved by students, to fund the HEIF, and be it further

Resolved:          the HSU Associated Students demand that Chancellor Reed comply with his own set goals of energy conservation, as well as Executive Order 987, and be it further

Resolved:          the HSU Associated Students reiterate our plan to free our campus from dependence on external energy by means of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund Fee; and be it further

Resolved:          that copies of this resolution be sent to, but not limited to, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the CSU Board of Trustees, Senator Wesley Chesbro, Assembly Woman Patty Berg, HSU President Rollin Richmond, Vice President of Administrative Affairs Carl Coffey, the Academic Senate, and the California State Students Association

Authored by the Codirectors and members of the HSU AS Special Project Humboldt Energy Independence Program

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Brandon Hemenway, Representative               Saqib Keval, Representative                    

College of Professional Studies                     College of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

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Crystal Chaney                                   David Backues

Associated Students President                     Legislative Vice President