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Support the Development of a Universal Bus Pass Program for HSU Students

Resolution to Support the Development of a Universal Bus Pass Program

for HSU Students

Whereas,      The Associated Students Council of Humboldt State University (HSUAS) includes in its mission to “provide services and programs as deemed necessary by the corporation to meet the needs of the student and campus community,” and

Whereas,      HSUAS has the mission to “stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the University community,” and

Whereas,      Humboldt State University (HSU) has a provision in its mission statement to promote environmental sustainability, and

Whereas,      driving to HSU is rapidly becoming unaffordable for many students, with gas prices doubling in the last three years, and parking permit prices scheduled to more than double, from $67.50 per semester in 2004 to $157.50 in 2008, and

Whereas,      students who live in Arcata or on the HSU campus and do not own automobiles have limited mobility to activities and jobs outside Arcata, and

Whereas,      reducing single occupant vehicle use will reduce major impacts on the environment and our society, by reducing the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in Arcata, by helping to limit the increase in pavement which currently adds up to an area the size of Ohio in the United States, and by helping to reduce the number of Americans killed every year in accidents (currently 42,000), and

Whereas,      obtaining housing in Arcata is becoming more competitive with increasing student       and city populations, and it is impossible to house all of HSU’s student, faculty, and staff in Arcata, this program would create financial incentive for students to seek alternative housing in locations north and south of Arcata where the RTS and ETS serve, but A&MRTS does not; and

Whereas,      Jack Pass is a proposed program to provide all students with a universal bus pass for riding Arcata Mad River Transit Service (AMRTS), Redwood Transit Service (RTS) and Eureka Transit Service (ETS) with additional services to be added as the budget allows, for a low mandatory student fee of approximately $15, and

Whereas,      the program would provide more universal access to HSU, provide low-income students who cannot afford a car with inexpensive mobility, and improve the social and physical environment around HSU by reducing single occupant vehicle use, therefore be it,

Resolved,    The Associated Students Council of Humboldt State University supports the attached proposal for development of a Jack Pass program; and therefore be it further,

Resolved,    that copies of this resolution should be sent to, but not limited to, HSU President                 Rollin Richmond and CSU Chancellor Reed.

Authored by:  Christopher J. Rall, student at large

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Jacqueline Lee , Representative                         Brandon Hemenway, Representative          

College of Natural Resources and Sciences             College of Professional Studies

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David Backues                                 Tony Snow            

Associated Students Legislative VP                     Associated Students President