VII International and Interdisciplinary Conference in Homage to
Alexander von Humboldt, Claudio Gay and Ignacio Domekyo


Welcome to the VII Conference

Dear Previous Alexander von Humboldt Conference’s Participants and potential first time Participants:

It is our pleasure to invite you again to a Humboldt Conference, and this time to South America: Chile. 

The “VII International and Interdisciplinary Conference in homage to Alexander von Humboldt, Claudio Gay, and Ignacio Domeyko” will take place in Santiago, Chile between the 5th to 10th of January, 2014.  The main topics of the VII Conference are: Travel, Transfer and Circulation of Sciences, Technology, Humanities and Arts between Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and within the Americas. The VII Conference is in homage to three distinguished travelers and scientists: Alexander von Humboldt, the traveler of the Americas, and Claudio Gay and Ignacio Domeyko who made fundamental contributions to culture and science in Chile.

 We hope you will take this opportunity not only to contribute academically with your work, but also see this occasion as a prospect to visit a country that is culturally rich and geographically magnificent.

Please see the poster and call for papers tabs on the site.

Lilianet Brintrup                                                       Horst Nitschack
President VII Conference                                    Vice President VII Conference 


Estimadas/os participantes del Congreso:

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Dear Attendees of the Humboldt Conference,

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