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Housing & Meals


Field school students will stay in the R.E.W. Adams Research Facility (the archaeology camp). HSU participants will share the camp with other field schools from accredited universities. They will have a chance to meet students from other universities that will be conducting research on other sites in the program area. Other field schools will be from other universities including Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and possibly Europe.

The R.E.W. Adams Research Station is a field camp located in the heart of the tropical rainforest. Facilities include a dormitory, kitchen, latrine, laboratory, and tent platforms. While at R.E.W. Adams Research Facility, students will stay in dormitory style cabin. The dormitory has eight rooms, with two bunk beds in each room. Each room will be occupied by four students. Males and females have separate rooms.

Students also have the option of staying in tents. Each tent will be occupied by two students. Mattresses and/or foam sleeping pads will be provided. Students are responsible for bringing linens, pillows, and mosquito netting.

Electricity is generated by a 10,000 watt generator that runs approximately three hours in the morning to provide light for preparing our breakfast and three hours in the evening for reading and study. Additional light or electricity is sometimes available (on sunny days) from electricity generated by solar panels.

Meals & Special Nutritional Needs

Program costs paid by students cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are served at pre-set times in the morning, afternoon, and evening in a cafeteria-style setting. Meals generally include meat, rice and beans, and various side dishes (including fruit and/or vegetables).

Vegetarian options are available for most meals. However, it may be difficult to accommodate strict vegan diets, so be sure to inquire about this prior to applying if this is crucial to you.

During work days, we pack our lunch immediately after breakfast and eat in the field.

Water & Drinks

The only drinking water in camp is available from the taps in the back of the cafeteria and it is available at all times. There is also bottled water available for purchase in the cafeteria.

The hot weather can also cause water loss which can lead to serious dehydration. We encourage our participants to always carry water bottles when out in the field and to be sure to take sips of water continuously throughout the day. Everyone is expected to pack at least 4 bottles of water for the field (1 gallon total per person).

Additionally, during meals, there is a variety of free juice available (made with purified water).