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If you’re thinking of talking with us regarding an issue that you’ve experienced or witnessed, this is what to expect:


We will sit down and talk with you to find out what you need and how we can support you in meeting those needs.

We can help you contact appropriate offices and people that may be able to assist you. For instance, if you need to work with Housing (or any other campus office) on a particular issue, we can help you do this. If you need to work with a specific professor or academic department, we can help you to do this. A Bias Education Initiative representative can also attend meetings with you as you speak with others, if that is what you would like.

We can work to help resolve issues and/or serve as an advocate on your behalf, if that is what you would like to see happen. For instance, if you would prefer to not be involved yourself, we can talk with faculty, departments, and others on campus without your involvement about the concerns that you raise. 

By speaking with us and sharing your experiences and perceptions of what is happening on campus you can help us improve our educational programming for the campus community.

The Bias Education Initiative will keep track of the experiences and concerns that are discussed with us so that we can communicate key areas of concern and need with the larger HSU community

A note about confidentiality: We ALWAYS strive to respect your privacy. At the same time, there are occasionally times when, based on the nature of what you share with us, we are obligated to discuss it with the appropriate campus official. For instance, if what you tell us indicates that there is a serious threat to the campus or to campus members, we would need to discuss this concern with campus police and/or the Dean of Students.