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How Do I Learn More?

Below are a variety of resources related to best practices in responding to bias and incidents. If you have additional sources you would like us to consider, please e-mail biasresponse@humboldt.edu.

Responding to Hate Crimes: A Multidisciplinary Curriculum for Law Enforcement and Victim Assistance Professionals. (2000).  McLaughlin, K. A., Malloy, S. M., Brilliant, K. J., & Lang, C. Newton, MA: National Center for Hate Crime Prevention, Education Development Center, Inc.

Confronting the New Faces of Hate: Hate Crimes in America 2009. (2009) Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF).

Safe Schools Coalition Website with extensive information on Bullying, Harassment and School Based Violence.

Students of Color Resource Fact Sheets for Higher Education. From the Student of Color Campus Diversity Project, United States Students Association.

2010 State of Higher Education for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People. 2010 Campus Climate Survey. (2010) CampusPride, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Responding to Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Incidents on College/University Campuses. (2003). Community Relations Service; U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Hate Crimes on College Campuses: The Problem and the Efforts to Confront it. (2001). Prepared for the Department of Justice by: The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence, University of Southern Maine.

For an excellent discussion of free speech/hate speech please refer to Matsuda, Lawrence, Delgado and Crenshaw (1993).

Data On Hate Crimes & Bias Incidents

Below are key data sources on hate crimes and bias incidents. If you have additional sources you would like us to consider, please e-mail biaseducation@humboldt.edu.

Hate Crimes in California 2009

FBI Hate Crime Statistics 2009