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HSU is an institution that values social justice and diversity. We work daily to create an environment in which all students, faculty, staff, and administrators can learn and work in a supportive and respectful environment.

What is the Bias Education Initiative?

HSU’s Bias Education Initiative (BEI), based out of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, exists to support those who have experienced or witnessed an act of bias, and to create learning opportunities across the university to help prevent – and to help the campus community pro-actively address and learn from – experiences of bias, exclusion and hate within the university community. In keeping with its educational focus, the Bias Education Initiative also gathers information about bias incidents and hate crimes on our campus, and supports the university in developing best practices in terms of policy, action, and education in relation to bias and hate. 

The Bias Education Initiative’s fundamental role, in concert with the relevant offices on campus (Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs, Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources) is to contribute to a campus climate of civility, respect and social justice through educational efforts, and to provide a safe space where a target of bias may have their voice heard.  The Bias Education Initiative does not adjudicate matters itself; it can and will help those involved in bias incidents connect with appropriate offices on campus for full resolution of issues.

Why should I discuss my concern with the Bias Education Initiative?

  1. We want to support you!
  2. We want to know what is happening in our community so that we can work to address key areas of concern and need.

See What Happens if I talk with the BEI to find out how to discuss your concern with the Bias Education Initiative and what to expect if you do so.