Contact the Bias Response Team

If you are interested in having an informational presentation on HSU's Bias Response Team/process, please contact us at

Bias Response Coordinator
Jennifer Eichstedt
Phone: (707)840-4781 (voice mail only)

Bias Response Coordinator Biography

Jennifer EichstedtJennifer Eichstedt is the current HSU Bias Response Coordinator. She has been working with students, staff and faculty to develop this system over the last three years, and has been an active participant in social justice work on HSU's campus for 13 years. She serves as a Professor in the Sociology Department and also collaborates in Conflict Resolution activities. Her passions grow out of being a working class white woman within a multi-racial family. She is an artist, dog trainer, and avid reader; and understands the importance of telling one’s story and working towards resolution. Come talk with her or have her come to your University unit to lead a workshop or discussion on bias response!