What Happens to My Report?

The primary goal of the Bias Response Team (BRT) at Humboldt State is to work to create systems that support well coordinated responses to bias incidents in the HSU community, provide optimum support to survivors of these incidents, and help minimize the negative effects of such incidents on the survivor and on the HSU community as a whole.

Below is a narrative description of the response process that occurs when an individual files a bias report. If you would like to see a visual representation of the process, please click here: HSU Bias Process Map .

1. A bias incident occurs and the person who experienced the bias (the Target), a witness to the incident, or someone to whom the Target has reported the incident, starts an “incident report.” Click here for information on how to file a report. In the incident report is the option to file the report as “For Action” or “For Information Only.”

2. When an incident report is filed, it will immediately go to the Bias Response Coordinator.

a. If the report is marked “For Information Only,” the BRT will contact the reporter only if absolutely necessary, but will simply file the report and use it to help us stay informed about our campus climate. If you want complete anonymity, simply leave your name and contact information off the form. (Note that in cases where the incident rises to the threshold of "unlawful discrimination," as defined by state and federal law, the university is obligated to report the incident to the relevant HSU administrator – e.g. the Dean of Students, in the case of a student’s report – for appropriate action and response.)

b. If the report is marked as “For Action,” the BRT will make every attempt to contact the reporter to discuss options for response, and to assess the Target’s needs for support.

i. If desired, an HSU staff or faculty member will be designated to act as an Advocate to assist the reporter or Target through whatever process they choose to pursue.
ii. The Bias Response Coordinator will work with relevant parties for appropriate referral and support, and will liaise with relevant HSU offices as appropriate to the situation (for example, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Academic Personnel Services, etc). 
iii. The Bias Response Coordinator and/or Advocate will discuss with the Target/reporter options for resolution and, if the Target so chooses, the Bias Response Coordinator will work with appropriate individuals, groups and HSU offices to seek resolution.
iv. As appropriate to the incident, and with respect to the needs, wishes and privacy of the Target, the Bias Response Coordinator will contact appropriate HSU administrators to decide how to move forward with a campus response and provide information to the campus community.

3. As appropriate to the situation, opportunities for community education may be initiated on campus to address the issues and concerns raised by the incident report.

In all instances, the Bias Response Team will ensure that great care is taken to protect the identity, privacy and confidentiality of the Target and/or reporter.

For more detailed information about the bias response process, please contact biasresponse@humboldt.edu