What Is the Bias Response Team (BRT)?

Humboldt's Bias Response Team (BRT), located in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, will be fully implemented in the Fall of 2011. This response team and process will allow us to respond to, document and educate the campus community around hate and bias incidents.

Who We Are

HSU's Bias Response Team (BRT) is designed to run as a Team. The team is structured to support the process of creating a survivor-centered approach to bias and hate incidents at Humboldt State.

Being “survivor-centered” means that we support the right of survivors/targets of bias and hate incidents to define their own needs, and to participate in shaping how the various responses to the incidents may, or may not, unfold.  We also recognize that sometimes, since there are often multiple targets of a bias incident, there are different needs that may be expressed, and we will work to meet those multiple needs to the best of our abilities.

HSU's Bias team is led by the Bias Response Coordinator (a faculty appointee), but it is the activities of a larger group of people that ensure that those who have been targeted by hate and bias (the Target) have their needs met, and that the university creates educational forums and systems that reduce the likelihood of such events and attacks happening in the future. This team includes the following individuals and groups.

The Bias Response Coordinator oversees day-to-day coordination of the Bias Response Team, and overall oversight of the response process; takes first responsibility for organizing a response to incidents of hate/bias on HSU’s campus (See What Happens to My Report?); compiles a yearly report cataloguing incidents of bias and hate in the campus community.

The Bias Response Team Council brings together HSU staff, faculty, and administrators who are in positions linked to the project and with important components to bring to table. The Council provides a place for reflection upon, and the development and revision of policy; consideration of new issues; as well as a location from which to press for needed changes within the University-at-large. Members include representatives from various departments on campus.

The Education Team is composed of individuals across campus with deep knowledge of bias issues and the ability to create educational programming to address both immediate and long term bias related topics. The Education Team works to develop public forums that address specific topics and/or incidents, and also to provide more targeted educational opportunities.

Bias Responders/Advocates include a pool of approximately 25 HSU community members from across campus who are trained to assist those who have been targeted. Responders are supported in their work by the BRT Coordinator.
Responders support the Target during and after the process of reporting a bias incident. Responders will not work within their own department when an incident occurs, but instead will work across departments/units in supporting targets.