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Chemical Labeling

Chemical Labels

As part of a legal requirement and for the ease of chemical waste disposal it is necessary to label chemicals and solutions completely. The label must include the concentration or percentages of all components in the solution (including water) and the hazards associated with those components. It is helpful if the preparer includes the date the solution was prepared and their initials on the label.

A database of labels for numerous solutions is maintained in the Stockroom. We will generate labels for specific solutions if requested. Please note that these labels are not a replacement for an MSDS or training in chemical handling. The MSDS provides critical information about incompatibilities and other chemical properties that will not be included on these labels. Labels at this site will be updated as more accurate or complete data are compiled. These labels are intended for individuals within the Department of Biological Sciences at Humboldt State University as an effort to improve chemical labeling habits

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