March 2015

Humboldt State University

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Last year's Bio Conf was filmed by local media group Access Humboldt, meaning that the talks given by last year's stunning lineup of keynote speakers are now available to watch! For more information, you can also visit last year's website.

Tyrone Hayes, PhD. — 2012
The Role of Atrazine in Amphibian Development: Investigating Human Effects
Dominick DellaSala, PhD. — 2012
Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World: Is Time Running Out?
Scott Hoffman Black — 2012
Bringing Back the Pollinators: What we can all do to protect these essential creatures
Patty Siering, PhD. — 2012
Ten Nonillion and Counting: The Roles of Microbes in Planetary Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes
Terry Henkel, PhD. — 2012
Dimensions of Fungal Biodiversity from both Temperate and Tropical Perspectives?
Peter Haggard — 2012
The Garden as a Reservoir for Native Insects and Wildlife in an Urban Landscape
Jeffrey Dunk — 2012
Using Spatially-Explicit Individual Based Population Models to Evaluate Alternative Habitat Networks: A Case Study with the Northern Spotted Owl
Michael Kauffman, PhD. — 2012
Conifers of the Klamath Mountains: Pines, Firs, Cedars, Hemlocks, and Spruces
Tom Stokely — 2013
Twin (Peripheral) Tunnel impacts on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers
Susan Edinger Marshall, Phd. — 2013
Soil Science!
Rob DiPerna — 2013
Using citizen’s advocacy in defense of biodiversity: Regulating private lands logging in California
Nick Haddad, PhD. — 2013
Conservation Corridors
Mourad Gabriel — 2013
Is the Grass Really Green? Conservation perils from illegal marijuana cultivation in California: current knowledge and unanswered questions
Micaela Szykman Gunther, PhD — 2013
The strength of non-invasive methods to study wildlife populations
Kim McFarland — 2013
The mating and nesting strategy of the dune silver bee.
Joe Szewczak, PhD. — 2013
Bats in peril: Why it matters and what we can do
Jonathan Evans, J.D. — 2013
The Endangered Species Act and Pesticides
Various Speakers — 2013
Klamath Basin Water Rights & Dam Removal Forum
Jeffrey Kane, PhD. — 2013
No Fire, Bad Fire, Good Fire: The complexities of managing fire for biodiversity in an era of rapid change