March 2015

Humboldt State University

Mission Statement

With the entire natural world as threatened as ever, Humboldt State University remains at the heart of a community with an amazing abundance of natural beauty and a strong level of ecological awareness that sets an example for people elsewhere and for future generations. In recognition of the state of the world and in celebration of all the Earth’s life, HSU’s Biodiversity Conference is more than a series of inspiring academic presentations. It is a weekend of celebrating biodiversity with interactive exhibits and information stations, raising awareness, sharing ideas, networking and strengthening the eco-conscious communities and campuses that we’re proud to be a part of.

Always free of charge and open to the public, Bio Conf is organized by students of the HSU chapter of Society for Conservation Biology and features something for all ages and levels of scientific savvy who are interested in exploring topics in biological sciences and natural history. Everyone is invited to join an exciting weekend of learning more about the world around us, ways to get involved locally and how each of play important roles in the health of the ecosystems we are part of. Examples of attractions other than presentations include fire ecology demonstrations, live birds of prey, marine life touch tanks and microscopes, museum exhibits, bio-inspired art displays, tabling areas, workshops, panel discussions and forums.

Biodiversity Conference was established in 2011 as a fun way to elevate ecological literacy levels and scientific interest amongst the already environmentally-driven communities of the North Coast. Bio Conf brings together educators, researchers, and representatives of environmental non-profit and government agencies to discuss with us how their respective fields of work explore and protect biodiversity. Portions of the event are filmed each year. They are televised locally and added to the Bio Conf educational video series, which is kept on reserve in local libraries.