Alumni Donations

Alumni, parents and other friends of HSU have been generous in giving back to the university's academic departments.

Your support helps ensure that today's students can also benefit from Humboldt's unique community and receive an education that will change their lives. Whether it is special learning opportunities like field trips, access to new technology, labs or improved facilities or scholarships, alumni gifts directly improve the student experience at Humboldt.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Biological Sciences. Together, we can help today's students achieve their dreams.

To learn more, visit the Giving to HSU website or contact Development & Alumni Relations at (707) 826-5101.

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Once at the giving form please enter Biology Trust in the comments box. This will ensure that we receive your gift. If you'd like to direct your gift to a particular facility or fund, please indicate this as well. Possibilities include the following:

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