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Sean Craig

A portrait of Dr. Sean Craig in front of shrubbery.

General Information

Marine Ecology
Phone: (707) 826-3656
Office: Science A 457
Email: sfc4@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: N/A

Academic background


Summary of research

Research focuses on 2 areas of marine ecology: 1) self-nonself recognition and the evolution of cooperation in colonial marine animals, and (2) rocky intertidal and subtidal community ecology, with a particular focus on interactions between native and introduced species.

Sample publications

Graduate Students

Ismael Chowdhury, Hannah Lee, Jason Lopiccolo, Franklin Moitoza, Dustin Price, Sheena Stephens, Alexander Strawhand, Claire Windecker

Former Students: Johnathan Centoni, Katie Houle, Brendan Kelly, Kellan Korcheck, Michelle Succow

"A long term comparison of rocky intertidal communities in Redwood National and state parks". McGary, Cara L. (Humboldt State UniversityHumboldt State University, 2005-12)

"The effects of temperature on the composition of communities associated with Mytilus californianus". Young, Alison (Humboldt State University, 2009-05)

"Growth inhibition of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) infested with an endolithic sponge (Cliona sp.)". Morejohn, Kirby (Humboldt State University, 2012-05)

"Growth morphology and succession in a temperate marine fouling community". Nelson, Matthew L. (Humboldt State University, 2009-05)

"High predation may hinder native oyster (Ostrea lurida Carpenter, 1864) restoration in North Humboldt Bay, California". Koeppel, Julie A. (Humboldt State University, 2011-05)

"The facilitative role of an introduced bryozoan (Watersipora spp.): structuring fouling community assemblages within Humboldt Bay". Wilson, Emily Erin (Humboldt State University, 2011-11)

"Distribution, genetic differentiation, and assortative mating of distinct morphotypes of Diaulula sandiegensis, a nudibranch with high dispersal potential". Kelly, Julie A. (Humboldt State University, 2013-05)

"Three factors affecting the invasion of Watersipora subtorquata in the marine fouling community of Humboldt Bay, California". Roscoe, Catherine M. (Humboldt State University, 2005-05)

"Variation in photosynthate release from symbiotic dinoflagellates and its potential role in cnidarian health".(Co-advised by Dr. Ruth Gates, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology) Morris, Emily (Humboldt State University, 2006-12)

"Boulders over easy: Natural and anthropogenic disturbance in Patrick's Point State Park". Absher, Matt (Humboldt State University, 2004-05)