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P. Dawn Goley

Dr. P. Dawn Goley is seen in a motorboat on a lake handing a sample off to another researcher, not seen in this photo.

General Information

Professor of Zoology
Director of the Marine Mammal Education and Research Program
HSU Stranding Coordinator for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Phone: (707) 826-4168
Office: Science B 236
Email: pdg1@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: N/A

Academic background


Summary of research

Dr. Goley has been actively studying marine mammal biology in northern California since her arrival to Humboldt State in 1996.  Her research interests include the ecology and behavior of marine mammals; VHF/satellite-telemetry; marine mammal/fisheries interactions; oil spill and marine mammal interactions; marine mammal foraging ecology; and marine mammal stranding studies.

Currently, Dr. Goley’s research includes the population dynamics of Steller’s Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus) (in collaboration with the National Marine Mammal Laboratory) and interactions of seabirds and pinnipeds on local rookeries (Common Murres and Stellers sea lions primarily).  Beginning in 1997, Dr. Goley has been conducting long-term monitoring studies on the ecology of Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina richardii) in and around Humboldt Bay; and behavioural ecology of gray whales (Eschrichtius robust) in northern California and Oregon.  As the coordinator for the marine mammal stranding  (NMFS) response in northern California, Dr. Goley is also actively engaged in studying the marine mammals that strand along the coast.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Ashley Donnell

Wiley Archibald
Allison Fuller - Steller Seal Lion Behavioural Ecology
Aicha Ougzin
Mary Beth Pacewicz