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Terry Henkel

Dr. Terry Henkel is seen in the woods, holding a mushroom.

General Information

Professor of Botany
Systematics, ecology, and biogeography of tropical macrofungi; tropical rainforest ecology.
Phone: (707) 826-4841
Office: Science B 123A
Email: twh5@humboldt.edu
Research website: www.tropicalfungi.org

Academic background


Summary of research

Mycology is a mainstay of the HSU Botany Program with courses in mycology, forest pathology, and mushroom identification. My research investigates macrofungal biodiversity and ecological relationships in the remote tropical rainforests of South America's Guiana Shield and the Guineo-Congolian region of Central Africa. My lab also examines the overlooked but important roles that native forest pathogenic fungi have in shaping forest communities in northern California.

Select Recent Publications

Graduate students


Carolyn Delevich (2016-): Ectomycorrhizal dynamics of tropical rainforests.

Kennan Mighell (2016-): Systematics of tropical Amanitaceae.


Jordan Mayor (2004-05): Ectomycorrhizal influence on leaf litter decomposition in monodominant tropical forests of Guyana.

Lance Woolley (2005-06): Reiteration in the monodominant tropical tree Dicymbe corymbosa (Caesalpiniaceae) and its potential adaptive significance.

Tara Fulgenzi (2007-09): Systematic studies on Boletaceae (Basidiomycota) of Guyana.

Ashley Hawkins (2007-09): Forest pathogen dynamics in old-growth mixed coniferous forests of the Coast Range, Northern California.

Jessie Uehling (2010-2012) : Systematics and molecular ecology of Cantharellales from the Guiana Shield.

Arthur Grupe II (2014-2016): Systematics of Neotropical species of Sarcodon (Bankeraceae, Thelephorales).