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John Reiss

Dr. John Reiss is seen engaged in research on a rocky beach.

General Information

Professor of Zoology
Herpetology; Evolutionary and Developmental Morphology; Evolutionary Theory

Phone: (707) 826-4156
Office: Science A 454A
Email: jor1@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: N/A

Academic background


Summary of research

My research focuses on the evolution, ecology and developmental morphology of amphibians. I am particularly interested in the origins and diversification of the metamorphic patterns seen in living amphibians. Past work examined metamorphosis of the skull, but currently I am examining metamorphic changes in the olfactory system, at the gross morphological, histological, and molecular levels. My graduate students have worked on a wide variety of topics relating to amphibians, including morphology, population studies, environmental control of neoteny, and chytrid fungal disease.  I am also interested in the history, philosophy, and theory of biology, especially evolutionary biology. 

Sample publications

Graduate students

Current Students: Ethan Snee, Kyle Orr, Adrian Macedo, Jaclyn Patmore

Former students:

Christian Brown
Habitat use and movement patterns of two redwood forest salamanders, Aneides vagrans and Ensatina eschscholtzii, with an examination of the efficacy of PIT tags for marking small plethodontids
Adam Cummings
Evolution of an aquatic courtship pheromone in the genus Taricha
Jennifer Tucker
Effectiveness of cutaneous antifungal microbe bioaugmentation for disease prevention in the Cascades Frog, Rana cascadae, of northern California
Timothy Girod
Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) diet composition, life history, and time period for larval development in California's north coast
Shannon Morago
A mechanism to increase chemosensory perception in humans?
Michael Sun
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis prevalence in Northern Red-legged Frogs (Rana aurora) - 10 years later
Noelle Benzekri
Olfactory structure and metamorphosis in the Coastal Tailed Frog, Ascaphus truei
Larkin Chases
Olfactory response to food in larval Coastal Giant Salamanders, Dicamptodon tenebrosus
Stein Coriell
Environmental factors affecting paedomorphosis in the Coastal Giant Salamander
Jason Lowe
Population structure of two sympatric salamanders, Plethodon elongatus and Ensatina eschscholtzii
Nathan Nieto
Chytridiomycosis in larval Red-legged Frogs in and near Redwood National Park
Carrie Sendak
Movement Patterns and Habitat Use of the Northern Red-legged Frog, Rana aurora
Jeremy Stuelpnagel
Olfactory metamorphosis in the Coastal Giant Salamander, Dicamptodon tenebrosus