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Karen Kiemnec-Tyburczy

General Information

Assistant Professor
Evolutionary genetics; molecular evolution; Amphibian reproductive behavior
Phone: (707) 826-5550
Office: Science C 104
Email: karen.kiemnec@humboldt.edu
Lab Website: https://sites.google.com/humboldt.edu/kiemnectyburczy/

Academic background


Summary of research

My research mainly focuses on the evolution of genotypes and phenotypes in natural populations. In particular, I am interested in amphibians, an early-diverging tetrapod lineage that provides tractable systems for investigating evolutionary questions across multiple scales, from genes to development to behavior. I also study rapidly evolving genes and how selection shapes them over time. Two of my recent projects include analyzing protein pheromones used during salamander courtship and characterizing immune genes in invasive populations of frogs.

Representative publications

Graduate students

Stacie Nunes (co-advised with Sharyn Marks)