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Casey Lu

Dr. Casey Lu poses for a photo in front of shrubbery.

General Information

Professor of Biology
Plant Physiology and Science Education
Phone: (707) 826-4164
Office: Science B 324E
Email: crl2@humboldt.edu

Academic background


Summary of research

How plants respond to heavy metal stress with a focus on ultrastructural studies (transmission electron microscopy) of plants grown in lead-contaminated conditions. I hope to apply results of this research to improving phytoremediation techniques for heavy-metal contaminated sites in California and the US.

I also study gravitropism in cereal grasses. My current focus is on ultrastructural studies of starch changes in cells undergoing the gravitropic response.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Yuko Wenzel

Former Graduate Students:

Jerry Succoro (2010) "The effectiveness of increase levels of lead (Pb) contaminated soil using the broadleaf cattail Typha latifolia"

Todd Bouchier (2003) " Pb Distribution and Ultrastructural Changes Induced by Pb and EDTA in Shoot Tissues of Brassica juncea (Indian Mustard)"

Brian Exberger (2006) " Lead and Zinc Accumulation and Interaction in Cattail (Typha) a Potential Heavy-Metal Phytoremediation System"

Ari Kornfeld (2006) " Measuring and Modeling the Gravitropic Response of Oat Shoots (Avena sativa)"

Steven McDonald (2006) "Phytoremediation of Lead-Contaminated Soil Using Typha latifolia (Broadleaf Cattail)"