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Sharyn Marks

Dr. Sharyn Marks is seen wearing a large sun hat in front of a rocky background.

General Information

Herpetology, Conservation Biology, and Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Phone: (707) 826-5560
Office: Science B 229
Email: sbm1@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: http://users.humboldt.edu/salamander

Academic background


Summary of research

Integrating Studies of Amphibian Ecology with the Management of Natural Resources to Promote Amphibian Population Viability:

It is now well documented that there have been and continue to be severe declines in amphibian diversity worldwide. Although the exact causes of declines continues to be debated, and there is likely no single cause that explains all declines, it is clear that human activities are responsible. Government agencies have a strong interest in managing public lands such that amphibian diversity is maintained or improved over current levels. However, managers are handicapped by our lack of knowledge of the natural history and ecology of many amphibian species. I have developed a research program, involving graduate students and undergraduates, which investigates the ecology of several amphibian species. By addressing the needs of government agencies, I have been able to secure funding for many student projects while still pursuing my interest in basic biological questions such as (1) What are the environment factors that regulate amphibian activities? (2) How do we predict the distribution of species on a landscape scale? and, (3) How do the habitat requirements of an individual species vary over its life cycle? By integrating knowledge of amphibian ecology with information on the mechanisms of amphibian declines, land managers can develop effective plans for maintaining biodiversity. I am conducting much of this research in collaboration with graduate students.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Current students: Shannon Hedge, Stacie Nunes

Former students:

Cheryl Bondi
Ryan Bourque
Jennifer Cary
Madeline Copper
Andy Gottscho (co-advised w/ Dr. Bryan Jennings)
Luke Groff
Lee Hecker
Ashley Morris (co-advised w/ Dr. John Reiss)
Sean Reilly (co-advised w/ Dr. Bryan Jennings)
Lauren Smith
Leah Sloan
Don Ashton
"A comparison of abundance and assemblage of lotic amphibains in late-seral and second growth redwood forests in Humboldt County, California."
Miranda Haggarty
"Habitat differentiation and resource use among different age classes of post metamorphic Rana poylii on Red Bank Creek, Tehama County, California."
Andrea Herman
"Investigating the ecology of the Shasta salamander (Hydromantes shastae), a State-listed threatened species."
Helen Fitting
"A model to predict the distribution of the Del Norte salamander (Plethodon elongatus) using survey data and GIS modeling."
Jim Spickler
"First investigations into the life history and ecology of a canopy-dwelling salamander in the temperate rain forest."