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Michael Mesler

Dr. Michael Mesler is seen engaged in research on rocky soil with conifers in the background.

General Information

Plant Systematics, Pollination Ecology, Pteridology
Phone: (707) 826-3674
Office: Science D 161B
Email: mrm1@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: N/A

Academic background


Summary of research

My research interests fall into three sets, reflecting the idiosyncrasies of my development as a biologist: mating biology of ferns; evolutionary consequences of hybridization; and pollination ecology. These days most of my work is centered on the interactions between flowers and pollinators. Recently I have developed a tremendously fun obsession with bees. Northern California is so rich in native plants and bees that I feel like I am in pollination heaven.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Current students

Kyle Brown, Patrick Lei, Sarah Mason, Jean-Paul Ponte, Kipp Pow

Former students

Tamara Camper, Brian Dykstra, Jenny Hutchinson, Laura Julian, Carrie Lopez, Heidi Lovig, George Meindl, John Mola, Rosemary Morris, Rachael Olliff, Courtney Otto, Jade Paget-Seekins, Autumn Reid, Ellen Tatum, Cara Witte, Ian Zacher