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Michael Mesler

Dr. Michael Mesler is seen engaged in research on rocky soil with conifers in the background.

General Information

Plant Systematics, Pollination Ecology, Pteridology
Phone: (707) 826-3674
Office: Science C 104
Email: mrm1@humboldt.edu
Personal Website: N/A

Academic background


Summary of research

My research interests fall into three sets, reflecting the idiosyncrasies of my development as a biologist: mating biology of ferns; evolutionary consequences of hybridization; and pollination ecology. These days most of my work is centered on the interactions between flowers and pollinators. Recently I have developed a tremendously fun obsession with bees. Northern California is so rich in native plants and bees that I feel like I am in pollination heaven.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Current students

Sydney Carothers, Patrick Lei, Carrie Lopez, Kim McFarland, Rachael Olliff, and Ian Zacher

Former students

Tamara Camper, Brian Dykstra, Jenny Hutchinson, Laura Julian, Heidi Lovig, George Meindl, John Mola, Rosemary Morris, Courtney Otto, Jade Paget-Seekins, Autumn Reid, Ellen Tatum, Cara Witte