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Edward Metz

Dr. Edward Metz, awash in a orange hue, is seen at sunset in front of tree branches.

General Information

Associate Professor
Evolutionary Genetics

Email: ecm10@humboldt.edu

Academic background


Summary of research

My interests include studies of adaptive evolution at both the molecular and organismal levels. I am especially interested in genes encoding recognition proteins that respond directly to the organism's environment. Such genes include those involved in: (1) sensory detection systems such as photoreception, (2) mate recognition and sexual selection, (3) sperm-egg interaction during fertilization, and (4) evolutionary cooperation or conflict between species.

Students may develop research projects on adaptive evolution in study species chosen from a wide range of local invertebrates. Student research opportunities include projects collecting molecular as well as behavioral data sets.

Sample publications

Graduate students

Alexandra Goodell, Cari Zourdos