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In Humboldt State's Biological Sciences Department you can choose a major or minor in Botany, Zoology or Biology. Furthermore, students who major in Biology elect to specialize in one of seven emphases: Cellular & Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, Ecology & Biodiversity, General Biology, Life Science Teacher Preparation, Marine Biology, or Microbiology.

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Campus-wide Course Rotations

See Biological Sciences (includes Biology, Botany, and Zoology)



Student Learning Outcomes for the Biology Program

In Biology, you can choose one of seven concentrations for your major. You will take a core of basic courses and then a set of advanced courses appropriate to your concentration. Learn more »


Student Learning Outcomes for the Botany Program

If you major in Botany you will learn and appreciate the biological processes unique to plant life. Learn more »


Student Learning Outcomes for the Zoology Program

As a Zoology major you will take courses in physiology, ecology, anatomy, and classification of animal groups, with many opportunities for field as well as laboratory study. Learn more »

Pre-Professional Health Programs

If you choose one of our pre-professional health programs, in either pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary, you will receive a core education based in biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, and mathematics. Learn more »

Graduate Program

Student Learning Outcomes for the Graduate Program

Graduate students in the Master of Science program in Biology at Humboldt State can choose to pursue investigations with an emphasis in the laboratory, forests, marine habitats, or a variety of other settings.

Certificate of Study in Bioinformatics

Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Certificate in Bioinformatics

Instructional Use of Organisms Policy