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Concentrations in the Biology Major

HSU Catalog for 2018-19

Cellular and Molecular Biology

This concentration is designed for those biology majors requiring a stronger background in the physical sciences so that they are better prepared to pursue graduate studies in experimental biology. It is also envisioned that this option might represent a terminal degree for some individuals, such as those desiring jobs as research technicians in the biological sciences. Course Descriptions

Ecology & Biodiversity

This concentration is designed for a student who is interested in a hands-on approach to the science of ecology and biodiversity. Course Descriptions

Environmental Biology

This concentration is designed for the student desiring an emphasis in descriptive biology. Course Descriptions

General Biology

This concentration is designed to allow the student a wide range of flexibility in designing a program to meet individual needs. Course Descriptions

Marine Biology

The Marine Biology concentration is one of the Marine Sciences programs at Humboldt State.  It provides students with a fundamental background in the biological sciences and emphasizes application of coursework to the study of marine ecosystems.   Course Descriptions


This concentration provides a broad laboratory-oriented background in the study of microorganisms of all kinds (bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa), including structure, identification, physiology, genetics, ecology and parasitism, artificial culture, and experimental technique. Course Descriptions

Science Education

For students desiring a career in teaching biology at the secondary (high school) level. One additional year of courses (after the B.S.) can lead to a teaching credential. Course Descriptions

Biology Minor - Advisor Dr. Paul Bourdeau This option allows the student to add an education in biology to his or her existing course of study. Minor Contracts are also located in SciB 221.

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