Student Projects

Section 1 - STEP-by-STEP GUIDE for presentation, submission of your thesis or project, and graduation:
After you have completed your research or project, you must submit the first draft of your thesis or project to your major professor. Thesis/Project Defense deadlines for 2017/18: Thesis/Project Defense Date
  • Two scenarios for finishing your degree

    Plan A (the standard plan)

    Fall/Spring semester x

    • complete data collection and analysis
    • begin writing thesis

    Fall/Spring semester x+1 semester (approximate dates)

  • enroll for two units of Bio 699 as a regular student
  • submit full draft of thesis to your advisor no later than the first-week of classes
  • engage in (many) rounds of critique and revision (set up a schedule)
  • advisor distributes thesis to committee no later than March 15 or October 15
  • defend no later than April 15 or November 15
  • submit thesis to Grad Coordinator no later than April 15 or November 15
  • submit pdf of thesis along with the Master’s Thesis Approval form to the Grad Office no later than May 10 or December 10
  • HSU Thesis and Project Format Requirements

  • Plan B (if you don’t meet the deadlines for completion during F/S semester x+1)

    Fall/Spring semester x+ 2 semesters (approximate dates)

    General rules

    Section 2 - Thesis or Project presentation and defense.
  • The date for your thesis or project presentation and defense should be set as early in your final semester as possible. It is your responsibility to plan carefully to allow sufficient time for revisions, duplication, and handling of other administrative details to avoid delay of your graduation.
  • Presentations must be coordinated with all members of your committee and the Graduate Administrative Support Staff in the Department of Biological Sciences. Presentations must be held during the regular academic session; they may not be held at night, on weekends or holidays, or during final examination week. In addition, thesis or project presentations will not be held during the last three weeks of the semester when classes are in session. Notices must be posted throughout the Department at least one week in advance, and a notice must appear in the Department Announcements.

  • The form of your presentation should be consistent with that made at professional meetings of biologists. If you are unfamiliar with the proper format, you should adhere to all the rules of the HSU Thesis and Project Format Requirements and consult with your major professor. After your presentation and a period for discussion and questions, your major professor will excuse the general audience and conduct whatever examination your committee feels necessary. Further revision of your thesis or project may be required.

    1) Seven-year limit. In accordance with state and university regulations, all students must complete requirements for the Master's degree within seven years. An extension may be granted under special circumstances (GRADUATE STUDENT HANDBOOK).

    Section 3 - FINAL Steps for Submitting Your Thesis or Project

    1) Approval

  • Thesis/Project Submissions are now done online through Digital Commons.
  • Read the HSU Humboldt Digital Scholar Non-Exclusive Distribution License.
  • Obtain approval signatures from your advisor, committee members and graduate coordinator.
  • 2) Format Review is Required!

    Please contact Graduate Studies by phone at 707.826.3949 or email: to schedule the required courtesy format review. Graduate Studies is not available for consultations during the week preceding the submission deadline.

    (3) Thesis or Project Submission

  • After your thesis defense, but considerably before the May date for spring graduation and December date for fall graduation: Submit your final thesis or project to Digital Commons for committee approval. This version should be approved by your entire committee prior to submission to Digital Commons. However, you need to leave enough time for the committee members to submit their electronic signature after submission but before the deadline for the May and December dates. Documents received by 5:00 pm PST on the above deadlines are assured of review and processing in time for clearing the culminating experience portion of your degree, barring any major format errors.