UBO Initiatives

The University Budget Office (UBO) collaborates with the campus community on a variety efforts.  The activities listed below are lead by the UBO (as of December 1, 2015):

Name Description Dept Strat Plan Start End Status

Budget & Finance Group

(Led by Amber Blakeslee)


The purpose of the group is educational as well as responsive.  Educational in that the group will discuss the status of the University's state budget and all campus budgets on a montly basis, as well as discuss new or changing processes.  Responsive in that the University Budget Office (UBO) and Financial Services (FS) would like to hear from this group regarding issues that come up and what the UBO and FS might do to make the budget and finance worlds easier to understand and work within. 


UBO   FY 08-09 N/A On-going

Budgeting Tool (Questica)

(Led by Amber Blakeslee)

This comprehensive budgeting tool will enable HSU to address key budgeting and planning needs, interface directly with the PeopleSoft Finance, HR and Student systems, and eliminate the need for duplicative and parallel recordkeeping. UBO staff have implemented the position management tool and are working on finishing the operating budgeting tool for testing and release. UBO       In Process

Cost Allocation-Wooden Nickel Phase 1

(Led by Amber Blakeslee)

Phase One of the Wooden Nickel project that is reviewing HSU's Reimbursement/Cost Allocation Model for services provided by the Operating Fund (HM500) to other entities on campus.       January 2016 In process

Spend From the Source-Wooden Nickel Phase II

(Led by Amber Blakeslee)
          In process

Internal Chargebacks-Wooden Nickel Phase III

(Led by Amber Blakeslee)