Annual Events

Annual Events

Chung-Watson Lecture Series in Business Ethics

This is a Business Ethics Lecture Series supported by Humboldt alumnus Mr. Po Chung honoring Dr. Frank Watson, former HSU professor.  More information.

Accounting & Finance Career Night

Accounting & Finance Career Night is a networking event featuring accountants and financial professionals across the region.  Students get the opportunity to ask these experts career-related questions, explore internships opportunities, and get tips for succeeding in the profession through round-table sessions.  The event serves as a launching pad for a career within the top accounting and finance jobs in the Humboldt County region.  Feel free to watch our video for more details about this event.

Business Concept Contest

The Business Concept Contest is a competition held every Spring and is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate HSU students who are in the concept stage of business development. The top two finishers from HSU will qualify for the Future Four Finals of the Northern Area California State University Business Concept Competition. The Future Four Finals consist of the top two finishers in each of the four participating CSUs; Humboldt State, Sacramento State, Sonoma State and Chico State. Each University takes turns hosting the event. Look for details on our website in Spring.

Management & Marketing Career Night

This is a networking event featuring management and marketing professionals across the region. Students get the opportunity to ask these experts career-related questions, explore internship opportunities, and get tips for succeeding in their prospective professions through round-table sessions. This event is also a great opportunity for local businesses to promote their job/internship opportunities and learn more about the kind of skills Marketing/Management students have to offer. 

Internship Reception

The internship reception is a time to showcase site supervisors and their Business interns.  Student interns and site supervisors share the value of their final projects to the businesses in a networking style event. This is a great time for all local businesses to find new employees, suggest new internship opportunities, and for students to find jobs.