Fall 2017 Internship Reception

The School of Business interns came together with their internship site supervisors for the final time on Wednesday, November  29th, 2017 to celebrate the outcomes of their work over the course of the Fall semester. Students worked on a diversity of marketing projects for sites such as the new Eureka Visitor's Center, the Venture Collaborative hosted by College of the Redwoods, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Mad River Brewery and more. In addition, one student interned in the accounting firm of DeMello, McAuley, McReynolds and Holland, LLP and another with the law firm Rain and Zepp, PLC. Also in attendance at the celebration event were Laura Olson, Executive Director of the Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation, and Denise Marshall, Executive Director, and Jon Sapper, Board member, of the the Mel and Grace McLean Foundation. The students shared their projects and appreciation for their site supervisors and for the Foundations that provide many of the honorariums the students receive. Laura Olson, shared "the students and businesses got a chance to share their experiences and the room was just buzzing with positive energy. The theme that emerged from the students was increased confidence--having real work experiences, seeing projects through to completion, being part of an employee team.  For the business supervisors, it's the youthful energy and enthusiasm the students bring to their organization, along with fresh-from-university knowledge. It is rewarding to be able to support something so valuable for both students and the community."