HSU Business Student, BJ Melakzadeh, Wins Second Place at Future Four

Great news from the Future Four Business Concept Competition!
HSU's BJ Melakzadeh is the 2nd place winner in this year's Future Four Business Concept Competition with his product: The Quick Quet Emergency Tourniquet. Problem: The current tourniquet design is outdated, takes too long to cover and tie off wounds located on extremities. They are also complicated when undoing every five minutes, which is necessary to allow time for bleeding to prevent the loss of the affected limb. Solution: BJ's Quick-Quet Tourniquet involves a latch and ziptie system to provide faster coverage of wounds and a much easier process to allow for proper bleed time. The key is its simplicity in design. Other benefits include its ability to lay flat for easy storage, light weight for packing and carrying in combat zones and emergency responder kits, and more intuitive thus easier to use. BJ has a prototype made and is well on his way to introducing this new tourniquet system into the marketplace. Well done, BJ and Congratulations!

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