Faculty and Staff

The  School of Business faculty represents a range of disciplines within Business that provides a comprehensive curriculum in both the undergraduate and graduate majors in Business Administration.

Name Phone Email Office
Ramesh Adhikari
Assistant Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-5805 ramesh.adhikari@humboldt.edu SH 130A
Photo of James Biteman James Biteman
707 826-3846 jhb9@humboldt.edu SH 130A
Photo of Dove Byrne Dove Byrne
(707) 826-3761 dove.byrne@humboldt.edu SH 111A
Photo of Lynnette Chen Lynnette Chen
(707) 826-5754 lc57@humboldt.edu BSSB 552
Chris Gaines
Internship Coordinator
(707) 826-3846 cag7@humboldt.edu SH 130A
Photo of Kate Lancaster Kate Lancaster
Associate Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-5136 kathryn.lancaster@humboldt.edu SH 123
Photo of Michelle Lane Michelle Lane
Associate Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-4277 michelledlane@humboldt.edu SH 129A
Photo of Quoc Pham Kien-Quoc Pham
Associate Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-5665 kv71@humboldt.edu SH 125
Photo of Michael Proulx Michael Proulx
(707) 826-3224 mtp3@humboldt.edu SH 130B
Photo of Sarita Ray Chaudhury Sarita Ray Chaudhury
Assistant Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-6024 sarita@humboldt.edu SH 121
Photo of Sandra Rowan Sandra Rowan
(707) 826-3720 sandra.rowan@humboldt.edu SH 119A
Photo of Hari Singh Harinder Singh
Department Chair - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-3762 hs807@humboldt.edu SH 111C
Photo of David Sleeth-Keppler David Sleeth-Keppler
Assistant Professor & M.B.A. Coordinator/Faculty
(707) 826-4764 david.sleeth-keppler@humboldt.edu SH 124
Photo of Tyler Stumpf Tyler Stumpf
Assistant Professor
(707) 826-6022 tyler.stumpf@humboldt.edu SH 129B
Photo of Carol Telesky Carol Telesky
Lecturer - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-5143 carol.telesky@humboldt.edu SH 130
Photo of Nancy Vizenor Nancy Vizenor
Assistant Professor
(707) 826-6021 ncv2@humboldt.edu SH 127
Kathleen Whiteside Kathleen Whiteside
(707) 826-6026 kew404@humboldt.edu SH 126
Photo of Christine Witt Christine Witt
(707) 826-3336 cw1173@humboldt.edu SH 119A
Photo of Josh Zender Joshua Zender
Assistant Professor - M.B.A. Faculty
(707) 826-6026 joshua.zender@humboldt.edu SH 126
Department Staff
Name Phone Email Office
Photo of Krista Carroll Krista Carroll
Administrative Analyst
(707) 826-6027 klc44@humboldt.edu SH 111B
Torie Mather
Administrative Support Assistant II
(707) 826-3224 torie.mather@humboldt.edu SH 111
Emeritus Faculty
Ben T. Allen, J.D. Professor (1981-2003)
Abdul Aziz, Ph.D. Professor (1986-2002)
Kenneth Bond, Ph.D. Professor (1988-2005)
Gail J. Fults, Ph.D. Professor (1986-2013)
Robert Fyre, Ph.D. Professor (1985-1992)
Robert Hines, Ph.D. Professor (1973-1997)
John Hofmann, Ph.D. Professor (1971-1987)
Peter Kenyon, Ph.D. Professor (1984-2003)
John Lowry, Ph.D. Professor (1980-1996)
Peter M. Noble, Ph.D. Professor (1998-2005)
Ben Simpson, Ph.D. Professor (1963-1990)
Michael Thomas, Ph.D. Professor (2007-2015)
Dwight Zulauf, Ph.D. Professor (1985-1990)