David Sleeth-Keppler

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David Sleeth-Keppler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & M.B.A. Coordinator/Faculty
(707) 826-4764
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(707) 826-6028
Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2004: Social Psychology
SH 124
M&W 11:00-12:00
T&R 2:00-3:00
and by appointment

I teach courses primarily in marketing, including principles of marketing, international marketing, retail & services marketing, marketing research, and marketing communications. I subscribe to Peter Drucker's view of business as a liberal art. I encourage my students to study philosophy, art, journalism, design, history, psychology, risk management, ancient civilizations, and whatever else seems superficially off-topic when thinking about marketing. The goal is to avoid tunnel vision and false inferences when practicing a dynamic discipline.

If you are interested in graduate studies, I'm available for consultation on various options, including our Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Sustainability.

I look forward to working with you!

Frank talk: Getting Informal on Climate Change.