The goal of the Internship Peer Advisor (IPA) program is to inspire students to seek internship opportunities through information and advice delivered by trained peers.

Internship Peer Advisors 2013-14

Each IPA has already had experience in one or more internship or other career-related experiences. IPAs offer one-on-one appointments with students who are interested in seeking an internship. They do an assessment of each student’s “internship search readiness”, an initial resume critique, and an introduction to the search process and resources.

IPAs also offer “How to Find an Internship” workshops and short presentations in academic classes requested by faculty.

Who are the IPAs?

The IPAs are

Why an Internship?

“Career-related experience is priceless! It is the best way to prepare for life after college while still having a buffer to make mistakes and allows you the freedom to explore different possibilities.” This is the reaction of an HSU student recently completing a summer internship in New York City and is echoed many times over by others who gain career-related experience. Surveyed HSU graduates consistently indicate that an internship, or some other kind of career-related experience, along with their degree helped them obtain their first job after leaving school.