Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internship Peer Advising (IPA) program?

The Internship Peer Advisor program was created by the Career Center to inspire students to seek internship opportunities through information and advice delivered by trained peers.

What are Internship Peer Advisors, and what do they do?

Internship Peer Advisors (IPAs) are students who have already had an internship or some other form of career-related experience. IPAs offer one-on-one appointments with students who are interested in seeking an internship and share with them the “tricks of the trade”.

During a typical session, IPAs will perform an assessment of each student’s “internship readiness” as well as an initial resume critique, an introduction to the search process, and an overview of several online and print resources. IPAs also offer monthly workshops on “How to Find an Internship”.

Why do I need an internship?

Career experience is priceless! Surveyed HSU graduates consistently indicate that an internship--or some other kind of career-related experience--along with their degree helped them to obtain their first job after school. In addition, internships offer students the chance to work in a foreign country, earn money, build a resume, and test a career before committing to a major.

How do I make an appointment with an Internship Peer Advisor?

There are several different ways to schedule an appointment with an IPA:

  • Send an email with your available times to:
  • Call the Career Center at (707) 826-3341
  • Go to the Career Center main office in Nelson Hall West 130 and ask for an appointment in person

I have more questions, what should I do?

Come on down and make an appointment! Or check out our website at: "". You can also contact us at the phone number or email address listed above. Questions are always welcome.

Hope to see you soon!