Academic Internships

What are Academic Internships?

Academic Internship integrates students' academics with practical experience at a collaborating organization. The emphasis is on students' academic, professional, as well as personal development; organization goals may also be met. These courses require the student to conduct anywhere from 60-150 hours of service depending on course requirements.  Most Academic Internship courses can be identified by looking "Internship" in the course title or for a course number ending in 482, 582, or 682. Academic Internships offer students the opportunity to gain insight into potential careers related to their majors while gaining valuable experience, increasing their professional network, and enhancing their understanding of their curriculum. 


Why should I get involved?

  • STUDENTS have the opportunity to apply academic concepts to real life scenarios, gain professional and personal skills and experience, enhance their resume and build their professional network. 
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERS have the opportunity to bring in diverse perspectives and energy into their agencies, receive assistance on programs and projects, build future stakeholders, and serve as mentors for emerging professionals...
  • FACULTY have the opportunity to build depth and relevance into course student learning objectives, make course readings come alive, network with professionals in the community, assist their students in preparing for life after graduation. 

Research shows that Academic Internships can: 

  • Help students can deepen their understanding of their curriculum by connecting concepts to real world scenarios.
  • Increase student retention, success and commitment to their majors. 
  • Students with internships are more likely to find jobs faster and get paid more in their first year after college. 
  • More research links coming soon!