Community Partner Information

Become a Community Partner with HSU Service Learning & Academic Internship courses!

The Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) works with community partner agencies to develop learning opportunities for students from HSU Service Learning and Academic Internship courses.  

Benefits for community partners hosting HSU students:
  • Cultivate future volunteers, employees, donors, engaged citizens. 
  • Contribute to students and their education. 
  • Capacity and resources are expanded; a direct need is met. 
  • Develop potential role models for agency clientele. 
  • Garner clout and influence through campus partnerships. 
  • Injection of energy, enthusiasm, diversity and new perspectives. 
We can help you:
  • Develop best practices to involve students at your agency. 
  • Connect with faculty teaching courses relevant to your mission and programs. 
  • Share your volunteer or intern position descriptions with faculty and students. 
  • Become an approved Learning Site. 
  • Promote your organization and campus partnerships. 

Getting Started

Let us help promote, build and connect your service opportunities with Service Learning or Academic Internship courses:
  1. CCBL staff can help you build Service Learning or Academic Internship experiences that address both your agency's needs and HSU course learning objectives, while connecting you with current faculty teaching these courses. Please contact the Community   Partner Coordinator, Stacy Becker (707) 826-4963,, to start the process!
  2. Please contact Stacy to recieve invitations to the following:
    • The Volunteer Fair (September), and the Career & Volunteer Expo (February), provide an opportunity for community agencies to share service opportunities with HSU students and faculty. These events are also a great way to meet faculty and students involved with Service Learning and Academic Internship courses.
    • Join our Community Partner Brown Bag meetings held each semester to learn best practices and network with other community agency staff hosting HSU students from these courses. 
    • We also send invitations to agencies to consider hosting students from newly developing Service Learning and Academic Internship courses. 

Approached by Student/Faculty: If you have been approached by a student or faculty to become a "Learning Site" for an Academic Internship or Service Learning course placement, our office staff are here to support you with any questions and help make this the most rewarding experience possible. 

Become an approved Learning Site and co-educators for Service Learning or Academic Internship course partnerships: You do not have to wait to be approached by faculty to be considered for a Service Learning or Academic Internship placement. We can work with you directly and then share your opportunities with faculty and students. For more information on how to become an approved site for Service Learning or Academic Internship course students, please see the document, Becoming an Approved Learning Site. 


Resources for agencies planning to host HSU students from Service Learning and Academic Internship courses can be found below:

Benefits and Services for Community Partners

Screening and Beginning Service

Mentoring Tips for Co-Educators


For more information and support, please contact the Community Partner Coordinator at the Center for Community Based Learning, Stacy Becker, (707) 826-4963